Fall Get on Board Day 2014

Registration Now Open!

Join the SOURCE and the Office of Student Involvement for Fall Get on Board Day on August 28, 2014 from 5-9pm to take place on 7th Ave. near the Ferguson Center Student Union.  In addition, this year’s traditional GOB will be paired with two additional GOB events in September and October.  These events are designed to continue the engagement opportunities for students throughout the semester and give them an opportunity to interact with student organizations and departments in different formats. Below, find out more information about each event and who is eligible to participate:

Get On Board Part 1: Magnificent Mile Style

August 28, 2014; 5:00pm-9:00pm; (7th Ave.)
Participants:  Student Organizations, UA Departments, Non-Profit Orgs, Businesses, Vendors (for giveaways)

Get On Board: Magnificent Mile Style is our traditional GOBD experience.  We encourage participation from ALL Student Organizations and UA Departments! This event is a typical involvement fair where students will have the opportunity to engage with what looks like MILES of engagement opportunities on 7th Ave. that is just next to the Ferguson Center.  You should come ready to decorate your table, pass out information, and collect contact information from interested students.  This is a great event to distribute your meeting calendar or to give out fun give-aways or prizes! On average, student organizations and departments have reported collecting over 250 interested student names at these events.  This year, we are working on a special swipe system to help organizations collect contact information from interested students.

Get On Board Part 2: Snapchat Edition 

September 25, 2014; EXACT TIMES TBD; (Ferguson Center Theater)

Participants:  Student Organizations, UA Departments, Approved Non-Profits

We are trying something new this year!  The Snapchat Edition GOBD will allow student groups/departments an opportunity  to do a 3-5 minute presentation about their organization/department.  Snapchat sessions will run during peak hours on Sept. 25th and we will encourage students to stop in at various times to learn more about student organizations and departments in a more personal way.  The staging and set-up of the Snapchat stage, will be very similar to the concept of TEDx talks.  The idea is that your organization has a short moment to share their vision and to make it exciting. Students will be engaged during the event through snapchat and other social media outlets.  We hope to livestream the program using web technology and tape the presentations for future use with interested students.  Additional workshops will be hosted in August & Sept. to prepare organizations who choose to participate.

Get On Board Part 3:  LEAD Date: An Involvement Speed Dating Event

October 2, 2014; EXACT TIMES TBD; (Ferguson Center Ballroom)
Participants:  Student Organizations, UA Departments

Our final involvement GOB event is LEAD Date.  LEAD Date is a speed dating style event where student organization leaders will have an opportunity to sit down with prospective members and get to know them on a more personal level.  Students will be able to ask questions and so will members of an organization.  When matches are made, students will receive contact information and data about that organization, so that they can engage with the group again in the future.  LEAD Date will be a swanky event featuring door prizes, jazz music, a fun atmosphere, and engaging question and answer games.  You have never seen involvement like this before! Additional workshops will be hosted in August & Sept. to prepare organizations who choose to participate.


Please review the chart below for information about registration and cost for the specific events.  To register, please click on the specific organization type (under the “organization type” column) that corresponds with your organization:

Organization Type GOBDMag. Mile(Aug.28th) GOB Snapchat Edition (Sept. 25th) GOB LEAD Date (Oct. 2nd) Deadline
Student Organization $20.00 per table FREE FREE August 25th
UA Department $25.00 per table $10.00 $10.00 August 25th
Vendors See List of Vendor Packages Not Eligible Not Eligible August 1st
Non-Profit Organization $50.00 per table Contact SI Office for participation approval Not Eligible August 1st
STUDENT ORGS:  After you register, you can submit payment (cash, check, or DTA) to 255 Old Capstone Medical (near the Capstone College of Nursing and where the Career Center has relocated) or Box 870292 or our preferred method which is to remit payment online.
DEPARTMENTS:  We will ONLY accept DTAs.  Please send those to the “Office of Student Involvement” at Box 870292 or deliver to 255 Old Capstone.
VENDORS/NON-PROFITS:  Pay by check or you can also pay online using our secure online payment options.  Once, you have submitted your registration form and it has been confirmed/accepted, someone from our office will send you a link to the online payment site, if that is your option of choice.  Otherwise the payment can be submitted along with the registration form.

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Get On Board Day, hosted by The Source, is held near the beginning of the fall and spring semesters each year. GOBD draws large crowds of students and faculty members to learn about a great number of our campus groups. From the large number represented, students can connect with the organizations that are most interesting to them. Participating organizations include interest areas such as military, political, advocacy, service, honorary, professional, recreational, social, and religious groups.