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SOURCE Director Positions

Join The SOURCE team, where student organizations are kind of our thing!  The SOURCE is dedicated to three core principles, our ABCs: we advocate for effective policies, open dialogue, and genuine engagement on behalf of student organizations; we build a strong community of student organizations by developing dynamic leaders, providing practical and accessible resources and facilitating widespread and relevant communication; finally, we connect students to involvement opportunities and foster collaboration among student organizations.

The Source Board of Governors consists of 5 directors and 2 assistant directors:

  • Director of Organizational Outreach
  • Director & Assistant Director of Communications
  • Director of Creative Consults
  • Director & Assistant Director of Partnership Development & Finance
  • Director & Assistant Director of Organizational Leadership

Directors play an integral role in educating and assisting student organizations with their various missions to involve student at UA in passionate work with meaning.  Not all positions are being filled at this time, so please view the application for more details.  Minimum Director requirements include:

  • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Must be in good disciplinary standing with The University of Alabama
  • Must submit an application for consideration
  • Must be able to work at least 8-10 flexible (but required) office hours a week


This is a PAID position.  Directors receive a monthly stipend and an office space.  In addition, the SOURCE position is a great leadership opportunity for students who want to impact campus in a greater way.  The two positions we are seeking to fill have a heavy emphasis on communication and design skills, so if you have experience in design programs, writing, press releases, etc. then this is a great learning and a great opportunity to gain skills.

Please click here for detailed SOURCE director positions descriptions:  2014 SOURCE Director Application 

Application Process & Timeline

Candidates must submit an online application by Thursday, April 10, 2014 and participate in a group interview on Friday, April 11, 2014.  Those selected to move on for individual interviews will interview on April 16, 17, 0r 18th.  Final Selections will be notified by Monday, April 21st and will be asked to participate in our Executive Transition Dinner on Wednesday, April 23rd at 6:30pm.


Student Involvement Genius

With the opening of the new and improved Ferguson Center, the office of Student Involvement will open a new Involvement Genius Bar! Similar to the concept made famous by Apple, Inc., students will operate an interactive support system to aid the Office of Student Involvement in promoting involvement opportunities to all students on UA’s campus.  Involvement Geniuses are hourly paid positions; Work Study Students are also accepted.  Each Genius will support the Involvement Genius Bar, but will also focus on one key area of either outreach, technology, or engagement.  Through these various areas, we hope to impact the campus is a very real way.  For more information about our “Involvement Genius” position, contact us at 205-348-6114.  Applications will be available very soon on the UA Student Jobs site.


  • Leadership training and development
  • Awareness of campus resources and services
  • Ambassador for the Office of Student Involvement
  • Interaction with and mentorship of student peers

Application Process & Timeline

Applicants must submit an online application to UA Student Jobs by April 11, 2014.  Applicants will begin interviewing the week of April 7th.

Visit this link to apply: