Bama Buddies | The Project

Interested groups will be directed to the SOURCE’s webpage (, where they can follow the path towards registration. Organizations have two options:

  1. Sending full org or a smaller team to a “Build-A-Buddy Bonanza”. Any org who attends gets a discount buddy price ($8), entertainment, live music, food, and an opportunity to collaborate with others. There are eight different times available and organizations can send teams to multiple times if desired.
  2. Hosting an independent planned party. As a last resort, orgs that prefer to host an independent stuffing party can pay $10 per buddy and will receive full info packets with all materials. Payment for these events must be received at least a week in advance and buddies should be returned to The SOURCE by Nov. 30.

All interested individuals will have the chance to participate in two ways:

  1. During our weeklong Build-A-Thon ($10). Knowledgeable volunteers will walk people through the short stuffing process, on-site. We will also videotape “Celebrity Stuffing Sightings” where well-known UA personalities will participate in Bama Buddies. These videos will be loaded online for publicity.
  2. At any of the various Bama Buddies campus events ($10). Individuals will have the chance to stuff buddies during a diverse group of November gatherings, including Xpress Night, Guerilla Theatre, and hopefully an Iron Bowl tailgate.