Event Smart Training & Registration

Event Smart 2017The University of Alabama has implemented the following event registration process out of a desire to educate, assist, and support students as they plan responsible events on campus. This process includes the “Grounds Use” process, which is the designated procedure for securing space for outdoor events, programs, or advertising.  The process is designed to guide student organizations toward more successful events by utilizing policy, including the Social Event Guidelines and Student Organization Handbook, and connecting with administrators through the online event registration form. In collaboration with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Department of Facilities and Grounds, and many other campus partners, the Office of Student Involvement administrates the event registration process.


Event Smart training is a mandatory workshop hosted by the Office of Student Involvement that educates student organization members about the online event registration form utilized to submit events for approval through mySOURCE. No student will have access to register events until they have gone through this training and received Event Smart certification for the current academic year. 

All training sessions are scheduled to take place in the SOURCE space (outside of the Office of Student Involvement, 3610 Ferguson Student Center) at 5:00pm unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2018 Dates

August 22 (Early Events)

August 22 & 23 (Greek Events – Lloyd 119 @ 6:00 pm)

August 25 (Officers Academy Optional Session Northlawn)

September 5

September 18

October 2

October 16

October 30

November 6

Spring 2019 Dates

January 9 & 10 (Greek Events – Lloyd @ 6:00 pm)

January 15

February 5

February 26

March 19

March 26



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*Event with Minors * Filming On Campus Timeline *Guest Speaker TimelineInvitation List*


Contact our Coordinator for Organization Administration, Amelia Brock, for details about how to register and plan events at UA.

Amelia Brock, Coordinator for Student Org. Administration, 205-348-6114, aebrock@ua.edu

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All on-campus events (with the exception of recurring/regular organization meetings and information tables) require registration through the online event form. Regular/recurring meetings are meetings that include just members in an informal/general meeting setting and are not advertised to the public.

A meeting is no longer considered ‘recurring/regular’ if it includes any of the following:

  • Events in which guests, vendors, speakers, or any persons or entities from outside of the University of Alabama are invited to campus and/or contracted with by a student organization for an on-campus event;
  • Events featuring live or recorded musical entertainment or amplified sound including, but not limited to, band parties;
  • Events defined as social events, swaps, formals, theme parties, step performances, band parties, day parties, and other events as specified;
  • Events involving 50 or more attendees in addition to the student organization’s members;
  • Events utilizing any outdoor campus property;
  • Events creating potential traffic congestion;
  • Events presenting a potential health or safety hazard;
  • Events providing food to 50 or more members or guests;
  • Events involving sales, fundraising, and/or the value exchange of items or services;
  • Events that are open to the public;
  • 5Ks, walk/run events, marches, demonstrations, parades, and/or carnivals;
  • Events involving minors (Individuals 19 years and under);
  • Student organization tailgating requests; and
  • Events publicly advertised via signs, luminaries, banners, etc. on UA Grounds.

To register an event with The University of Alabama your organization must be officially registered student organization through mySOURCE and classified as active for the current academic semester. If your organization has existed but is not renewed for the current academic year, or does not have an organization profile on mySOURCE, then you will need to complete that process and be approved prior to submitting.

  • In addition to those stipulations, the organization must be in good standing with The Office of Student Conduct and have updated contact information listed in mySOURCE for the officers and advisors. Any organization which does not meet those requirements will not be eligible to host events/programs on campus.
  • Only organization officers or members who participate in the Event Smart Workshop will be allowed to submit events/programs on behalf of the organization. Any president and/or organization member who wishes to submit events on behalf of the organization should also attend event training. 

In order to submit an event and/or program on behalf of your Student Organization, the individual must attend the Event Smart workshop.  Once the individual has completed the 1 ½ hr Event Smart Workshop, they will be administratively given permission to submit events by The Office of Student Involvement on behalf of your organization.

  • NOTE:  The student must be an active member on the roster of the organization in order to have access to event submission features for that particular organization.  This access is granted per organization and not by the user alone.  If an individual is involved in another organization, in order to submit events on behalf of that organization, they would need to indicate all groups they are affiliated with during their registration for training. The training must only be attended once per academic year, but must be renewed each academic year as well.

Email our office at uainvolvement@ua.edu or contact Amelia Brock (aebrock@ua.edu), Coordinator of Student Org. Administration for more details.

Events must be submitted at least 7 – 10 business days in advance of the event date. Please remember than business days do not include weekends, holidays, weather/emergency days, or any day that UA is closed for business. Plan ahead!

  • Any form that is submitted which does not meet this requirement may be subject to denial and the organization may be advised to find a new date/time for the event.
  • Organizations can request an expedited event review if their event falls outside of the 7 to 10 business day window. Requests for expedited review will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  For more details on expedited procedures for grounds use or general event approval, see GUP Policy Section E, 6-7 and/or Student Organization Handbook.

By default, the system will include any advisor who is listed on your organization roster as the primary advisor in the event review process. They will receive a notification to review your event submission via email.

Information regarding events and managing events at UA can be found at http://thesource.ua.edu/event-smart. If you need assistance, then feel free to stop by the Office of Student Involvement (3610 Ferguson Center). To set up a one-on-one consultation contact Amelia Brock at aebrock@ua.edu or 205-348-6114. Please consider setting up a one-on-one consultation/event planning meeting if any of the following apply:

  • This your first time hosting an event.
  • You are planning a large event on campus.
  • Your event will require participants to perform physical activities.
  • You plan to bring minors to campus.
  • You are planning a 5K or walk/run.
  • You will host a speaker or performer where a contract might be involved
  • You are a new organization.

Refer to the “Online Event Submission Instructions