GOBD Information for Students

Get On Board Day (GOBD) is held on the Campus of the University of Alabama each fall and spring and is a major tradition of campus involvement.  For any student who wishes to get more actively engaged with campus, GOBD can provide a springboard for getting connected to hundreds of organizations, community vendors, and departments which are housed on the UA campus.  This event is one of the ways that our students connect to all that we have to offer.  But it is not the only way!  It is just one of the most popular.

Fall GOBD 2019

August 29, 2019

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Ferguson Student Center Lawn, Plaza, Promenade, & Gorgas Lawn


A Snapshot of students visiting tables at Fall GOBD

During GOBD, each organization sets up a display table where they may provide a snapshot of what their organization is all about.  Some of them even provide more interactive displays that allow you to test out their offerings.  As a student attending GOBD, we encourage you to explore the ENTIRE event.  Though it can be crowded and overwhelming to have so many options, it may be the only time that you can interact with all the organizations available in one day during an organized event.


Students engaging with the UA Boxing Club

At each table, we encourage students to come prepared to talk and meet new people.  The top questions asked at tables include the following:

What are your organization’s major program and initiatives?

How often do you meet as a group?

What leadership opportunities are currently available?

What’s the most impactful thing your organization has been a part of in the last year?

What are your goals for this year?

What legacy do you plan to leave at The University of Alabama or in the surrounding community?

Don’t be a wallflower when you visit organization tables!  Engage them and ask questions.  You are shopping for resources for your future!


President Bell stops by to visit The Collegiate 100

As you go through GOBD, we encourage you to sign up for many opportunities.  However, if you want to maximize your involvement experience and give your most to both the co-curricular and academic, we encourage you to consider 3 things:

ACADEMICS-   Join an organization that will help you gain skills that can be used in your chosen profession.

OUT THE BOX- Join an organization that moves you out of your comfort zone.  Maybe it is something you have never engaged in or always wanted to try, but just didn’t.

YOU ARE YOU-  Join an organization that speaks to a deep passion or hobby that you have.  There are things that make you uniquely you.  Though college is an opportunity to re-invent yourself, you should also seek to find something that will continue to keep you grounded.


Members of the UA Vegan Club

At the end of your GOBD experience, student organizations will begin contacting you about opportunities to get engaged with their organization and to attend meetings.  For this reason, you should prepare to begin narrowing down your decisions fairly soon after GOBD.  If you are still confused, we have a great complimentary event that happens after GOBD called Organization Take Over (OTO).  At OTO, student organizations provide an annual showcase of 1st meeting opportunities and a chance to connect with interested students on a more personal level through hosting your first meeting, a “meet and greet” or an artistic/recreational demonstration in the Ferguson Center.  Dates for OTO are below.  If GOBD was a little overwhelming, the OTO will certainly be your speed and give you a longer 1-hour in-depth meeting with various student groups.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Thursday, September 5, 2019


Ferguson Student Center- 3rd Floor


Members of the UA Ultimate Frisbee team



If you are a student in need of accommodations, please contact our office at 205-348-6114 or uainvolvement@ua.edu at least two weeks before the event so that we can discuss any needs with you.  Thank you!