The Lasso


Looking to spark conversations? Build team unity? Spice up meetings?

The Lasso (“List of Activities for Synergy in Student Organizations”) is a collection of the most creative and effective activities for roping groups together. With everything from icebreakers to team builders, this catalog is a great resource for all organizations.

All necessary supplies can be reserved through the Lasso Library!

NameSummaryPDF Details
CandyUse candy to ask icebreaker questionsCandy
FrenzyUse teamwork and strategy to collect tennis ballsFrenzy
The Question WebAnswer question to create interesting webThe Question Web
Bubble BlowFast paced bubble race gameBubble Blow
Sneak a PeekAttempt to recreate sculpture as a teamSneak a Peek
Balloon TowerStack balloons high and wideBalloon Tower PDF
Blind-ogonCreate shapes while blindfoldedBlind-ogon PDF
BuzzwordSpeak without stallingBuzzword PDF
Desert IslandUse limited resources and creativity to surviveDesert PDF Island
ElectricityCompetitive hand squeezingElectricity PDF
Kajabe Can CanPull players into a trashcan with strength and strategyKajabe Can Can PDF
Knock Down the ConeHit a guarded cone with foam ballsKnock Down the Cone PDF
Name GridPersonalized team "Boggle"Name Grid PDF
PipelineMove marbles with pipesPipeline PDF
Robot WriterExtreme group pictionaryRobot Writer PDF
Song ScrambleOrganize and sing popular song lyricsSong Scramble
TriangleUse teamwork to climb between two stringsTriangle PDF
Walk the LineFollow a thin line while blindfoldedWalk the Line PDF
Ring on a StringStealthily pass a ring to team members without being noticedRing on a String PDF

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