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Created to give exciting presentations to organizations, as well as personalized consultations for student leaders, Source Force is a team of energy and practical knowledge.Whether you are a new organization looking to inform your members of SOURCE resources, or need some creative assistance in designing a new logo, Source Force is here for you. Visit the page (on left) or click the logo for more details.



The Lasso is a catalog of exciting team builders and icebreakers for organizations to build unity among their members. With a constantly growing database and detailed instructional guides, we have created a streamline process for facilitators. You can even checkout free supplies from our Lasso Library! Visit the page (on left) or click the logo for more details.


Free Pepsi Products

Registered student organizations are eligible for $75 worth of Pepsi products per year. From soft drinks to customizable banners, these products are an awesome resource for events and publicity. Your allocation amount is kept in a spreadsheet with our office.  Once you have reached your designated amount, you will not be eligible for additional funds.  All funds come from a large pot that is first come first serve. To submit an allocation request do the following:  1) Fill out the Product Pricing List 2015-16; 2) Complete the Student Organization Request Form 2015-2016; 3) Return both completed forms to The Office of Student Involvement in Rm. 3610.


Organization Disputes and Mediation  

Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or relating to the interpretation or application of a student organization constitution, inclusive of organizational bylaws if applicable, shall be settled by the primary advisor of record for the student organization.  In the event that the primary advisor is unavailable, is a party to the dispute, or is unable or unwilling to resolve the dispute, then the issue shall be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement for binding arbitration.  Requests for arbitration must be submitted in writing and include:

A.     The name of the student organization;

B.     The name and contact information of the individual(s) filing the request;

C.     The specific act(s) or circumstances(s) alleged to constitute the basis of the complaint;

D.     The remedy requested.

Upon receipt of a full and complete request for arbitration, the Office of Student Involvement will assign the request to an Arbitrator, who will review the materials in order to determine if additional information or materials are necessary to inform a binding decision.  If additional information is deemed necessary or appropriate, the Arbitrator will conduct additional fact finding to his or her satisfaction, which may include requesting additional written statements, conducting in-person interviews, or holding formal hearings.  The final decision of the Arbitrator will be the final and exclusive remedy of the parties for all claims, counterclaims, issues, or accountings presented or pled to the arbitrator.

Should both parties agree, disputes can also be handled through Mutual Mediation Process and a mediator will be assigned by The Office of Student Involvement and parties will discuss outcomes to be agreed upon in an official mediation contract.


In a mediation appointment, the mediator listens to all sides of a dispute and then works with each side to come to a solution that is mutually agreeable.  The mediator has no authority to force a resolution on any party, so if agreement cannot be reached then the mediation fails.


In an arbitration hearing, the arbitrator listens to all sides of a dispute and then comes to a decision that all parties are required to follow.