Renew An Org

At The University of Alabama, we encourage creativity and the expression of new ideas through the establishment of Student Organizations.  A number of student organization have existed and can continue their mark on campus through our annual renewal process.  As a renewing organization, it is required that each year representatives of that organization check-in with our office via mySOURCE, the online organization management portal, to ensure that they continue to meet the guidelines prescribed by The Office of Student Involvement.

Annual Process Steps

The annual registration process is available during the Fall Window (March 15th-June 15th) or during the Spring Window (November 15th – February 15th) must be completed during that window each academic year.  Student Organization choose their “Registration Window” typically based on when they hold elections.  If an organization runs their operations with the academic calendar and typically holds elections towards the conclusion of the Spring semester, they would likely fall into the “Fall Window- (March 15th-June 15th)” category.  If they run their business with the calendar year (from Jan-Dec), they would likely hold elections towards the conclusion of a calendar year, and this would make them a likely candidate for registration during the “Spring Window- (November 15th-February 15th)”.

  1. Administrative Rights-  Renewing an organization requires a certain level of administrative rights.  In the first step, the organization should make sure that on the mySOURCE online “roster” for that group, that the person doing the renewal is assigned to an administrative role.  Currently anyone who is “assigned on the roster” as president, vice president, treasurer, advisor, or administrator should be able to complete the renewal for that organization if it is during their active renewal window (fall or spring).
  2. Advisor Role-  Ensure that your current advisor is still listed as a full-time faculty/staff member and will not be engaging in sabbatical or any extended leave during your upcoming term.  If the advisor will not be returning to their role, you will need to identity one or more full-time faculty and/or staff members to serve as  your advisor.  This person will receive an email to submit an “Advisor Acknowledgement Form” electronically after your online application has been submitted and accepted. They must submit that form to officially remain listed as your advisor or to be added as a new advisor. You will officially change out advisors during the online registration process if needed.
  3. Hazing Policy & Child Protection Acknowledgement Form-  Organizations will submit an combined online Hazing Policy & Child Protection Form via a electronic signature “DocuSign” process. The president of each organization will need to start and initiate the form signing process.  That individual will also include the email addresses of the President, VP, and Advisor to route the form to them electronically.  Once each person has completed their signing, the form will be electronically routed back to our office for review.  To fill out the form, individuals should follow instruction details below in the renewal resources section.  
  4. ONLINE application for renewal via mySOURCE-  In the online application, which you will submit via the mySOURCE online system, you will be responsible for having the following items listed below:
  • Full Membership Roster-  You will need the email addresses of your full membership roster, which should total at least 10 confirmed student members, as they will need to be uploaded on the “roster” section of the mySOURCE online application (crimson emails only).
  • Officer List-  You must have a designated unique student to fill the roles of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Advisor (faculty/staff).  You will need the contact information of each of these individuals to include name, cell number, UA email address, and position.  You will also need your Advisor’s UA campus office location, UA box number, and position/title in addition to the other details requested.
  • UA Constitution-  You will need to submit your most up-to-date organization constitution that meets the required guidelines found at under policies/procedures called “Constitution Writing Guide”.  The organization’s constitution must include a non-discrimination clause and all other aspects found in the sample constitution.  The organization should not have to re-invent the wheel, as they should already have a constitution on file via mySOURCE, but it will need to be re-uploaded.  Please be sure you upload your most recent version, as the version uploaded will become your organization;s official governing document in the event of any issues of disagreement.


Renewal Deadlines 2019-2020


Priority Deadline- May 31, 2019
Final Deadline- June 15, 2019 

Check the status of your org’s registration


Priority Deadline- December 15, 2019
Final Deadline- February 15, 2020

Organization Renewal Resources

Renew An Org Checklist

Renew An Org Instructions

Constitution Writing Guide


*Online Child Protection & Hazing Policy Submission Instructions*

Instruction Resources

The online Child Protection & Hazing Policy Submission has now been streamlined into ONE document for ONE quicker process.  You no longer have to fill out two separate forms.  Both forms have been combined and so now your President, upon initiating the docusign, can complete all aspects of both forms at ONE time.  

Online PDF of DocuSign Submission Instructions

Video Tutorial on Submission Process:

HAZING & CHILD PROTECTION- Select (1) signed by President, VP, and Advisor:

(Both the Hazing & Child Protection form are now combined and this form is completed as a group.  President Must Begin Form and then it is routed to everyone else for signature (primarily president, vp, and treasurer))


SUBMIT-  Combined Hazing Policy & Child Protection Acknowledgement (19 yrs of age & older)

SUBMIT  Combined Hazing Policy & Child Protection Acknowledgement (Under 19 yrs of age)

NOTE:  Once a version of the form has been completed, it will be routed electronically to our office for review.  These should be completed PRIOR to submitting your mySOURCE updates online.