Reserve Meeting Space

SOURCE Student Org. Business Center

Registered student organizations starting in September 2016 will have access to a business center where they can check out electronic tools and resources, use button makers, cricuts, banner markers, and more!  This Student Org. Business center is a new venture of the SOURCE and will be accessible to any registered student organization.  We are so excited about it’s grand opening and more details about resources available via the center will be coming soon! This office will allow The SOURCE to service more student organizations in a useful and meaningful way.  If you have ideas of resources/services that you might want or need, email SOURCE Advisor, Ashley Cofield at

SOURCE Meeting Space

Registered student organizations can request the use of the open SOURCE space for meetings or programs.  There are 3 space available which include the SOURCE Lounge, SOURCE Open Table, and SOURCE Conference Room.  Click below to make a room reservation request for the SOURCE meeting space.  The Open Table features seating for 15, and a flat screen TV for displaying powerpoint or notes.  The SOURCE Lounge consists of soft seating and access to power outlets.  The Conference Room consists of a boardroom table for 12-15 and a white board.  To inquire about reservations prior to submitting a request, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at 205-348-6114.

*Not currently accepting reservations.  Check back at a later date*

Ferguson Center Reservations

The Ferguson Center has a variety of rental options, from small meeting spaces to large banquet halls. Organizations can even request information tables or display cases to promote their events/causes. To view all of the forms for reservations and policies, visit the Ferguson Center website.

AIME Building Reservations

The University of Alabama Institute for Manufacturing Excellence (AIME) Facility is a 50,000-square-foot building used for interdisciplinary research and development and outreach.  Sections of the building are in use at all times by one or more of the AIME Centers.  However, selected rooms may be used by any UA organization and organizations outside the University.  Please note that AIME requires reservations well in advance of your desired program, but it might be a great space for your organization.  For more information about AIME reservation process is can be found at the AIME website.  

Bidgood Reservations

Room reservations are also available at Bidgood Hall.  However, they may require a training session or additional information from your faculty/staff advisor.  For more information visit, Tech Classroom Reservations.

205 Gorgas Library and Group Study Reservations

To reserve 205 Gorgas, you should contact Emily Mims Burnett in the University Libraries business office. You can reach her at or by calling 2052-348-5543. For information about group study space, click here.  The room can only be used for academic events such as lectures, exhibits, award ceremonies, etc. The room cannot be booked for organizational meetings or on-going events.  Please see attached guidelines.

Academic Buildings (i.e- Lloyd, Russell, Farrah)

To schedule events in the following building, you will need to know the name of your event, date/time, description, expected number of attendance, and contact information of your faculty/staff advisor.  For information visit the following: .  There may be strict policies on time before event, so plan accordingly and reach out at least 2 weeks before your event.

University Recreation Space Reservations

Requests from University Departments, Students and Student Organizations must be submitted at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date to be considered. All facility requests received after this period will be reviewed, and may be accommodated.

Certain fees, special arrangements, and/or special event permits may be required in order for the group to utilize the facility to hold the event. Information on requirements, fees, and special event permits follow in the policies below. Note that deposits, if required, must also be received at the request deadline, 5 business days for Student Organizations /University Departments and 10 business days for Non-University Related Groups & Organizations. The event must be approved by the University Recreation, Professional Staff for the event to be scheduled.  Please also make sure that you familiarize yourself with their specific policies and procedures.