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The mission of The SOURCE is developed and executed by the SOURCE Board of Governors (SBOG).  The SOURCE Board of Governors is made up of 5 directors who oversee specific functional areas and manage a team of student leaders to coordinate initiatives:

Royce Dickerson
Director of Creative Consults
Freshmen; Marketing
Atlanta, GA
Runs a full-scale PR firm dedicated to providing visually appealing products to student organizations in the form of flyers, banner, t-shirts, etc.


Caroline Harris
Director of Communications
Junior; Marketing
Homewood, AL
Responsible for all communication of The SOURCE including our newsletter, Facebook/Twitter, Instagram, Press Releases, and any other creative media products. 



Director of Partnership and Engagement 
Class; Major
Works with Get On Board Day, outreach to student organization leaders in regards to training, resources, and services; Oversees the student organization Service and Leadership Awards process; Ensures that student organizations take advantage of partnerships with outside groups and other student organizations
Ja’Mesia Morris
Director of Finance
Junior; Accounting
Montgomery, AL
Provide resources for student organizations in need of monetary funding through FAC, fundraisers, and other ideas; builds SOURCE partnerships with outside groups; Develops strategies for revenue generation for Student Organizations. 

Ryan Salerno Waelde
Director of New Organizations & Initiatives
Sophomore; MIS
Murrieta, CA
Responsible for generating knowledge of resources provided by the Office of Student Involvement to new student organizations;assist with the process of approval for new student organizations; Implement and create training workshops and/or packet for new organizations that highlights useful services.


Rosalind Moore

Ashley Cofield 
Coordinator of Student Involvement & SOURCE Advisor

The SOURCE Board of Governors are located on the 3rd floor of the Ferguson Student Center.  Come visit us!

SOURCE Student Director Office- 3601 Ferguson Center

Student Involvement Office- 3610 Ferguson Center

Hours: 8am-5pm | (205) 348-6114 |